Onion Links 2024 – Tor Links

The following onion links can be accessed through the TOR browser. If you don’t have a TOR browser on your computer or mobile phone, you can download it from the official website https://torproject.org.

To access and find new onion links on the dark web, one should know a search engine to find those links.

The information of the onion link provided is what is claimed by the website, and to easily avoid any of the onion links based on the category. Also, it is only to claim proper knowledge of the dark web and what you should not do with the onion links.

Companies like BBC, The New York Times, and social media platforms like Facebook have created their V3 onion links services on the TOR.
Apart from the same pattern of onion links, these provide a fresh feel on the TOR as these services add more value to understanding the difference between the dark web and a website with a link to .onion extension.

We welcome more bloggers news sharing communities to include themselves on this platform in the future.

This can change the myth.

The following are some search engines where you can find onion links. The results of these search engines will not be standard “.com” websites available in the clearnet search engine like Bing.

Onion Index Search Engine :

URL: http://oniondxjxs2mzjkbz7ldlflenh6huksestjsisc3usxht3wqgk6a62yd.onion/

Onion Index is a well-known search engine that provides search results with .onion websites. The algorithm of the search engine is unknown. The search engine is made with a simple UX and provides more user friendly. Users can submit their Onion websites link, which will be analyzed and indexed.

Torch Search Engine:

URL: http://xmh57jrknzkhv6y3ls3ubitzfqnkrwxhopf5aygthi7d6rplyvk3noyd.onion/

The torch search engine is one of the oldest search engines on the dark web. It is famous because it provided its service at the early stages of the dark web. The home page is designed simply that attracts more users every month.

The Hidden Wiki :

URL: http://wiki47qqn6tey4id7xeqb6l7uj6jueacxlqtk3adshox3zdohvo35vad.onion/

The Hidden Wiki has provided its service from the early days of the dark web. The hidden wiki works as a directory of onion links. It adds and removes links from its directory based on the website, whether it’s offline or online. The directory gets updated every month, claimed by the hidden wiki.

DuckDuckGo :

URL: http://duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion/

DuckDuckGo is a clearnet search engine that provides its service on the TOR with an onion link. The results are the same as the clearnet results. No onion links are indexed. DuckDuckGo doesn’t save users’ data and provides an anonymous browsing experience without ads.

Below are the onion links for commercial darknet marketplaces. One can check the Onion links to gain knowledge and a clear picture of what’s happening on the dark web.


URL: http://blackma333zetynnrblc7uidfp2tewhtwpojxxvmty3n4cdsc7iyukad.onion/

BlackMart is a marketplace where vendors meet customers directly. The listings are mainly credit cards, transfers, documents, etc.,

Caribbean cards:

URL: http://caribcc5jik7maeqfit7h34af7ntatggbmlfhyxjnqnrhij7gjt5vtid.onion/

Caribbean Cards is a market that sells transfers, credit cards, VISA, and Amex cards. They claim that they accept Bitcoin.

Biden Cash:

URL: http://bidencgero6anv4hjek7yudvc6ffxfrqihpoqaiwtgf3puj2hvey5lyd.onion/

Biden Cash was on the popular news channels as they sold 1.2 million credit card data for free as their promotion. They quickly became famous after that and now sell a large number of credit cards on their website.


URL: http://cardzilevs4j4nj6uswfwf35oxnp64yrrtazjgap2w3vgoz2pwkp6sqd.onion/

As the name defines, cardzilla sells dumps and PayPal transfers. One of the oldest in the category and a seller on the dark web. Mostly every website accepts crypto as their payment. Likewise, cardzilla accepts Bitcoin as their payment.

Horizon Store:

URL: http://horizon5ie5oi5dqxfnmrizwnx7fhbmzgzolrrptqsqotbzfmc6qctid.onion/

Horizon store is another marketplace for credit cards. They claim that they ship all over the globe and focus more on the US and Europe countries, as they mentioned on their website.

Ablative Hosting:

URL: http://hzwjmjimhr7bdmfv2doll4upibt5ojjmpo3pbp5ctwcg37n3hyk7qzid.onion/

Ablative hosting was working till earlier 2022. It paused its services as of now. You can check the reason on their website. Admin mentioned that the new sign-ups will be resumed anytime, but no time was mentioned. This may be due to the high server load.


URL: https://www.bbcweb3hytmzhn5d532owbu6oqadra5z3ar726vq5kgwwn6aucdccrad.onion/

BBC extends its service on the TOR with a V3 onion link. All the news is posted here. All the updates that happen on bbc.com happen here.

The New York Times:

URL: https://www.nytimesn7cgmftshazwhfgzm37qxb44r64ytbb2dj3x62d2lljsciiyd.onion/

The new york times is a famous news journal company that provides its services from newspapers to digital media and now with an onion link. We welcome this type of onion link from the clearnet. So, the dark web will not be a scary place anymore.

Mailing services on the dark web:


URL: http://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/

Protonmail has a name on the clear web for an end-to-end encrypted mailing service. They also have the above onion link that works like the protonmail.com, which is useful when using the TOR browser.


URL: http://secmail63sex4dfw6h2nsrbmfz2z6alwxe4e3adtkpd4pcvkhht4jdad.onion/

Secmail provides its services on mailing with an end to end encryption. We are still determining how it may work. It is one of the unpopular mailing services on the hidden wiki.


URL : http://eludemailxhnqzfmxehy3bk5guyhlxbunfyhkcksv4gvx6d3wcf6smad.onion/

Elude.in is another mailing service on the hidden wiki.


URL: http://germania7zs27fu3gi76wlr5rd64cc2yjexyzvrbm4jufk7pibrpizad.onion/

Germania is a forum on the dark web. It provides services focused on the German language. One can translate and communicate in the forum.


URL: http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/

Dread is a famous forum on the dark web. All the questions related to the dark web are raised here.

The Psy Shop –http://psyshopshweetovp4em654waimmcjsf7eqifwe2d4qhnluk2b24r6dqd.onion/

21 Million Club: Sells and buys crypto wallets.
URL: http://million5utxgrxru4rqmjwn7jji6bf44jkdqn3xyav6md5ebwy5l2ryd.onion/

ProPublica: http://p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply3vtqm7l6pcobkmyqsiofyeznfu5uqd.onion/

BlackCloud: Hosting services – http://bcloudwenjxgcxjh6uheyt72a5isimzgg4kv5u74jb2s22y3hzpwh6id.onion/

Facebook: Social Media – http://facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion/

Afri Leaks: Whistleblowing – http://f3mryj3e2uw2zrv3zv6up6maqosgzn27frz7xodvpl7pkestoyigtkad.onion/

The Stock Insiders: http://thestock6nonb74owd6utzh4vld3xsf2n2fwxpwywjgq7maj47mvwmid.onion/

AbleOnion – http://notbumpz34bgbz4yfdigxvd6vzwtxc3zpt5imukgl6bvip2nikdmdaad.onion/

NanoChan – http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/

IMGhost – Image Hosting platform – http://imghostoarpfmnf4pbktb47mxyphrqykjpxh6tny5wf7jmfa2sjdbryd.onion/

Deep web radio – http://anonyradixhkgh5myfrkarggfnmdzzhhcgoy2v66uf7sml27to5n2tid.onion/ – Radio based on deep web stories.

National Police of the Netherlands – http://tcecdnp2fhyxlcrjoyc2eimdjosr65hweut6y7r2u6b5y75yuvbkvfyd.onion/ – Official website of the police of the Netherlands.

Thoughts :

It seems to be that the dark web and the Onion links are no more a spot/place for criminals alone. With the entry of Multinational companies, news channels, social media, and police, the TOR is now more the place for standard companies and less crime.

onion links

Although the above-listed onion links don’t require any additional secure futures to access them, some may consider adding more security to their browsing.

Follow the below tips to access the onion links with more security.

Close all the windows or new tabs before opening any unknown onion links.

Always use only the TOR browser downloaded from the official website.

Use premium VPNs to add extra safety to your IP.

Try to avoid any communication, and don’t try to contact anyone via unknown onion links.

Always double-check the URL. As the new V3 deep web links seem to be more confusing, it’s better to double-check them.

Do not download any files from unknown persons or resources.

Safely browse the TOR with the onion links.