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Red Room Dark Web

What is the dark web?

Almost 50% of internet users now know about the dark web’s existence.

The dark web is the bottom layer of the iceberg, and one needs to know about it.

The darknet is divided into two categories, the deep web, and the dark web.

All the darknet links end with a .onion extension instead of the regular .com and other web extensions.

For example, take a look at the duckduckgo’s official .onion link

The above link is what a dark web link will look likes.

These are the new V3 onion links. The V2 onion links are shorter than the new V3 link.

Example of a V2 link – “https://duckduckgohhh43ttu.onion” – The V2 links are expired and not in use now.

How to spot difference between the deep and the dark web?

The deep web is where you find stolen credit card numbers, hackers, forums, and pirated software.

On the dark web, you will find some most disturbing content, like illegal drugs, assassin or hitman services, and the so-called myth of the Red room.

Now readers can relate to the difference between the deep and dark web.

To access the dark web, you need a browser named Tor browser. You can download the Tor Browser from

What is the Red Room?

The red room is a live-streaming website where real-time violence, murder, rape, and other tortures will be done to a person by somebody for some real-time payments.

It is a completely disturbing website. But, some people sponsor or make payments for watching the videos streaming live for entertainment purposes.

The payments will be too high. All the payments on the dark web are made through crypto for more anonymity.

red rooms

What happens in the Red Room?

In the red room, one can enter and pay to watch a live murder. Users will be allowed to select options to murder or torture a person.

Based on how much you pay, the live stream will take place according to the time.

Also, there is a chat option, where like-minded people worldwide who intend to run the red room or watch those live streams can chat together and share their opinions.

One must make the payment for every option, whether to watch a live stream that tortures a person or kills someone.

Even to chat with the other person in the red room, one has to make a payment.

Also, one can buy the pre-recorded videos of torture, murder, or other violence that happened already in the red room.

Is it illegal to watch or access the Red room?

Obviously, Yes. Watching or entering such websites on the dark web is entirely illegal.

It is advised that users should always use a reputed VPN to enter the dark web.

Our advice is never to visit such websites or access those websites.

How it all started?

The red room has been a rumor or myth for years.

Yes, that is the truth. No one saw the websites for real or accessed them for real.

Most websites that represent red rooms on the dark web don’t exist for real.

It all started on the forums of Reddit and 4chan years before and still considered that the websites are real by many people around the globe.

No investigation or proof has been made on the websites yet.

It all started with the Japanese film that represented the dark web in the form of a red room, where one person was tortured and murdered, according to the payments made by the users of the red room on the dark web.

How to be safe while accessing the red room links or websites on the dark web?

Don’t trust anyone on the internet or the dark web.

Never open any link or make any payment representing red rooms because no such websites exist in real time.

Always use VPN before accessing the dark web. It is safer when you access the dark web with a VPN. It hides your IP and makes you completely anonymous.


Based on the reports and news, it’s concluded that no red rooms exist now or already existed in the past.

It’s entirely a rumor or myth.