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TOR Search Engine | Dark Web Search Engine

If one needs to get on to the dark web, they must need a search engine to access the dark web links. We have listed some popular tor search engines, so one can use them to find or learn what the dark web is and how it works.

Before accessing them, one must learn how to access the links safely, as safety is an essential factor on the dark web.

Tor search engines

Tips to be safe on the dark web :

To access the dark web, one must need a unique browser named TOR browser. Always install the TOR browser from

Once you have installed the TOR browser, now you are ready to use the dark web.

As safety plays an important role, you must also access those links only after buying a premium VPN from an authorized VPN provider in the market.

Now you are ready to use the .onion links.

Onion Index Search Engine :


Onion Index is the top search engine on the Tor network. After its launch, Onion Index searches and crawls the V3 onion links with its crawling bot.

The results are more relevant, and the search is up to date.

It only indexes V3 onion links. The search engine has removed all the V2 links and only crawls the V3 links.

It has an “Add a service” tab, where you can add or enter an onion website for crawling and indexing. After approval, the content will get indexed.

Features of Onion index :

  • Search delivers relevant results.
  • It does not collect or store user information.
  • Fast search.
  • Auto crawler and submit option.

Torch search engine :


Torch is one of the oldest tor search engines of the dark web. The torch has more than 1.7 million data, but most of the data are outdated and not updated by the crawler.

Torch provides the most relevant results.

Disadvantages of Torch :

  • No website submit option was provided.
  • The torch should enable an auto crawler.

Ahmia Search engine :


Ahmia is an open-source search engine project. All of the codes of Ahmia are available on GitHub.

Ahmia uses Elastic search to store data to ensure lightning-fast search results with the relevant keyword.

It uses a Scrapy crawler to crawl and extract the data from the website.

Features :

  • Lightning-fast search results.
  • It has an option to enter a website URL to remove and blocklist the child abuse content from the index and its directory. One can also submit a site in blocklist if they found it abusive.
  • Ahmia results in all the searches on a single page. Maybe they can reduce it to 10 results a page.

Onion Land :


Onion land is a new search engine on the dark web. The results from the search are more relevant to the keywords used.

They also provide a hosting service.

They have a separate tab to add a service, where the crawler crawls and indexes the website you submit.

DuckDuckGo :


DuckDuckGo provides its search engine service on the dark web. The results are entirely the clearnet results only, not onion links.

Advantages of using DuckDuckGo :

  • It does not store any information about the user.
  • It does not track any users.
  • Your privacy is maintained as it does not store your search history.

Metager :


Metager is a German dark web search engine. This search engine is a project of

All of the results are clearnet results only, not onion links result. The search engine is more commonly like DuckDuckGo.

It does not collect any information from the user nor save it. All of your search histories are secured in terms of privacy.

Other search engines :



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Conclusion :

If you are not sure about any of the link that results from the search engine, don’t click on the link.

Always use a premium VPN and hide your anonymity.